Pictureka Disney Edition Game

Pictureka Disney Edition Game

It’s a race against time and the other players in the Pictureka Disney Edition Game. The point of the game is to spot the character in the current card. Yell out “Pictureka!” once you spot it so you can keep the card. It follows the same rules as the original Pictureka game, only this version is a whole lot more fun since your favorite Disney characters all take turns making appearances.

The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins. The Pictureka Disney Edition Game is a great way to train those eyes at spotting things in a small amount of time.

Pictureka Disney Edition Game

  • Collect the most cards and win the game
  • Game includes Disney game tiles, sand timer and mission cards
  • Be the first to find your favorite Disney characters

Finders, keepers! A whole host of Disney characters are hiding from you. Think you’ve found one? Quick! Yell “Pictureka!” and the card’s yours. Fast-paced fun for everyone as you race against the clock or other players to find the most characters and collect the most cards. Test your spotting skills with multiple games and challenges, and combine with other Pictureka! games for even more finding fun!

The Pictureka Disney Edition Game is available from Entertainment Earth for $17.99.

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