Chocolate Snakes and Ladders

Chocolate Snakes and Ladders

What do kids love the most? Chocolate and playing games, that’s what. The Chocolate Snakes and Ladders is the perfect combination of both. It’s also much easier to wager the chocolate board off than having to cough up some cash to give to whoever wins the game.

In case you’ve already forgotten how a game of Snakes and Ladders works, here are the mechanics: when your token lands on a square, you move up. When your token lands on a snake head, you slide back down. The first one to reach the last tile is the winner. Simple enough, right? And with this chocolate board, the game can’t get any yummier.Chocolate Snakes and Ladders Edible Board Games

Chocolate Snakes and Ladders

If you have never played snakes and ladders, first of all where have you been? Secondly, now is the perfect time to give it a go. Because Chocolate Snakes and Ladders lets you race up to three opponents; and then the winner can eat the board!

Made from milk and white chocolate this delicious chunk of nostalgia can be played by the whole family. Cut out your playing pieces and number spinner from the back of the box and choose your color. Advance from square 1, climbing ladders as you land on them, or sliding down snakes. The first to square 64 wins!

The Chocolate Snakes and Ladders is available from Firebox for £11.99 ($20.)

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