Snakes and Ladders Shot Glass Set

Snakes and Ladders Shot Glass Set

A popular childhood game is all grown up these days, with the Snakes and Ladders Shot Glass Set bringing an alcohol-filled twist to the classic board game.

If you loved playing Snakes and Ladders as a kid but feel like you’re much too mature for something like that these days, the addition of shot glass playing pieces and a cool-looking frosted glass playing board will prove how wrong you are.

Just like the old days, you’ll still roll the dice, deal with slippery snakes, and make your way over ladders to grab victory from the jaws of defeat, but now you’ll be tossing back shots, nominating shots to others, and playing truth or dare.

Even if you’re more familiar with the more widely-known name, Chutes and Ladders, you still have a grasp of the basics and will be ready for this version of the game.

Snakes and Ladders Shot Glass Set

  • Frosted glass playing board.
  • 6 shot glasses, each with a different coloured marking for each player.
  • One dice.
  • Suitable for up to 6 players.
  • Suitable for ages 18 years+.
  • Size: 30 x 30cm.

You can enjoy a few shots while fondly remembering a favorite game from the past with the Snakes and Ladders Shot Glass Set for £7.99/$12.88 at I Want One Of Those.

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