Gummy Shot Glasses

Gummy Shot Glasses

After downing a shot of hard liquor, it is common to suck a lime wedge or drink a chaser like beer, coke, juice, or water to smooth things out. Although hard core drinkers just do another shot as the chaser. Now with these Gummy Shot Glasses, the shot glass becomes the chaser. Just drink the shot and you can go ahead and eat the shot glass—it’s made of delicious gummi candy!

There are 6 delicious flavors of gummy shot glasses: cola, cherry cola, orange, green apple, cherry, and blue raspberry. They make a delicious finish to a shot of vodka, whiskey, tequila, rum, or other liquors, but the downside they are 204 calories each.

Gummy Shot Glass Flavors

Gummy Shot Glasses

  • Drink all you want – then eat the shot glass!
  • Each set contains 6 shot glasses – 2 of each of flavor.
  • Two flavor collections to choose from:
    • RGB – 2 x Blue Raspberry (Blue), 2 x Cherry (Red), and 2 x Sour Apple (Green)
    • Soda – 2 x Cola (Dark Brown), 2 x Cherry Cola (Reddish Brown), and 2 x Orange (Orange).
  • Shot Glass Dimensions: 2″ tall x 2″ diameter.
  • Net Wt.: 2.7oz of gummy goodness per shot glass.

Order Gummy Shot Glasses for $14.99 a set of 6 from

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