Bandai’s New Speaker Looks Like Tokyo

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Bandai Diorama Speaker

This new and impressive diorama speaker from the Japanese toy manufacturer Bandai has been designed to look like the Ginza district in Tokyo, Japan did back in 1955.

The 2x1W speaker comes with moving parts, sound effects and a bunch of LED lights. Only 2000 copies have been made and the price is ¥198,000 (about $2,200 USD).

Here’s a translated version of the press release for the Bandai Diorama Speaker.

(Akihabara News via CrunchGear, Gizmodo, Prylfeber and TechFresh)

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  1. sennihesier headphones Reply January 28, 2009 at 2:07 am

    Diorama speaker from Japanese is looking fantastic. Though the price is ¥198,000 but designed of this speaker is so attractive that anyone would like to buy at one glance.

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