Air-Conditioned Cooling Pants

Kuchofuku Air Conditioned Cooling Pants

Summer is coming and those high temps will have a lot of people thinking they’re melting when they have to be outside, but the Air-Conditioned Cooling Pants can help you keep a relaxing breeze going, regardless of how angry Mr. Sun seems.

Wearing shorts seems like a logical way to keep cool in warm weather but they aren’t always practical. Maybe you want to look a little more formal than bare legs allow, or maybe you’re scared of blinding innocent people with pasty white skin that hasn’t seen the light of day since last summer. Whatever reasons spawn your shorts phobia, these fan-equipped pants provide a cool (pun intended) alternative.

A battery-powered fan hangs on the outside of these green pants, providing a refreshing breeze that moves with you, and the rich ion battery keeps the power flowing so you never have to worry about getting hot under the collar waistband.

Air-Conditioned Cooling Pants

  • Z-500K pants with cooling fan
  • Power: rich ion battery (3-7.4V)
  • Size: M, L, 2L, XL
  • Hips/waist: 108 (42.5″) (M), 115 (45.3″) (L), 122 (48″) (2L), 129 (50.8″) (XL)
  • Materials: polyester 65%, cotton 35%

Get your hands on the coolest pants around with the Air-Conditioned Cooling Pants for $170 at Japan Trend Shop.

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