Chinese Opera Face Mask USB Laptop Cooling Pad

Chinese Opera Face Mask USB Laptop Cooling Pad

Remember those Animal USB Laptop Cooling Pads that we wrote about some week ago? A new model designed like a Chinese opera face mask is now available.

This Chinese facial USB cooler pad in large air vent design, 3 fans in one, omnidirectional refrigeration system, retractable USB cable, special design for anti-skid. Slim and smart design of the Laptop Cooler Pad system with large, high-performance and extra quiet fan built-in which absolutely helps to dissipate the heat-air away from underneath the notebook for cooling down the overall temperature of your system.

Here’s a video demonstration of the USB laptop cooling pad:

The Chinese Beijing Opera Face 3-Fan USB Laptop Cooling Pad is available over at the website for $24.99.


  1. Check out this product, Lapcooler, a simple pad that is 95% air, cheap and rewuires no power. “It cools the jewels” tm, of the computer

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