Zombie Smarts Game

Zombie Smarts Game

Get together with some friends and test your knowledge of the walking dead with the Zombie Smarts Game. The game includes a 12-page Zombie Tips Guide and 100 question and answer cards that are broken down into 4 categories: Zombiography, ZombieMania, Undead or Alive, and Brain Eaters.

Since it 2012 and I’m sure you spend most of your time reading Zombie Books and training your body for the end of the world, this game will offer you some much need rest while testing your friends to see if they have been doing their research…You don’t want to get stuck with a group of free-loaders when you are trying to avoid brain eating Zombies!

The Infectious Question & Answer Game That Makes Preparing for the Next Zombie Invasion Easy & Fun! ZombieSmarts is the infectious question-and-answer game that features grisly facts about the history, habits, and hungers of the living dead. Choose a card and learn how to combat a zombie invasion: What should you do if your friends is bitten by a zombie? What type of poison causes zombification? Which is smarter—a zombie or a dog? True-or-false and multiple-choice cards offer macabre information on zombie films, voodoo, re-killing, undead encounters, and many other gruesome topics.

Zombie Smarts Question Categories

  • Zombiography — Significant moments in zombie history
  • ZombieMania — The modern phenomena of the living dead
  • Undead or Alive — Survival strategies and post—life preparedness
  • Brain Eaters — Grueling questions for zombie gurus

Save you friends and help them prepare without them even knowing it when you play the Zombie Smarts Game available at Amazon.com from $7.99 and at Toy R Us for $14.49.

Note: It looks like Amazon.com is still showing the older version of the game, while Toys R Us has the updated box.

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