Outbreak of the Undead Zombie Statue

Outbreak of the Undead Zombie Statue

Zombie statues are ready to transform your front yard into a post-apocalyptic graveyard. For those who intend to spare no expense in creating the most frightening Halloween display in the neighborhood, feast your eyes upon the Outbreak of the Undead Zombie Statue.

He’s not a pretty sight to see, which is exactly the point. He’s got the basic zombie criteria down-pat, like sickly skin and a brain-hungry but vacant expression. But there’s something slightly comical and special about this guy. He seems to be entranced with his big, ugly hand and sharp nails. It’s like he’s saying, “Thank you, hand, for helping me crawl out of the ground and for being an epic back scratcher for my itchy chunks of rotting flesh!”

Outbreak of the Undead Zombie Statue
Flesh-hungry zombies will be clawing their way out of the grave and into your home or garden when you adopt our Design Toscano-exclusive, post-apocalyptic vision of the living dead! Our graveyard ghoul is cast in quality designer resin from bony fingers to silent scream and is hand-painted in corpse-like hues sure to make visitors squirm. Choose multiples of this collectible for a real dawn of the undead! 11½”W x 8½””D x 15½”H. 7 lbs.

The seven-pounder Outbreak of the Undead Zombie Statue is $79.95 at Design Toscano.

Here are some other zombie homeys for your lawn to consider: the Lost Zombie Head Statue and Garden Zombie Statue.

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