Wind Up Coffee Mug

Wind Up Coffee MugYou know people always tell you that they unwind at the end of the day with a hot cup of Joe? They probably weren’t talking about any specific mug in particular, say the Wind Up Coffee Mug, but if they were, then that would’ve been a pretty smart play on words, don’t you think?

If you’re a Mario Brothers fan, then you probably have already seen that tiny wind-up bomb that walks around then settles down and starts flashing shades of red before exploding into oblivion. Those were actually called Bomb-ombs, and I don’t know if the people behind the Wind Up Mug thought of them when they were coming up with the design for the mug, but the resemblance is obvious.

Wind Up Coffee Mug

Do you need your caffeine to get you wound up in the morning? To take on the day? Then you will need the Wind-Up Mug. A hysterical novelty coffee mug that tells the world you are revved up to go on all cylinders so stand back and watch me work!

This 8 oz. all ceramic, bruiser comes with a great handle that looks like a wind-up key to give you a sturdy grip.

Get the Wind Up Coffee Mug from Baron Bob’s for $11.95. (Update: Link removed because this website is gone and we were not able to find this product available anywhere else.)

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