USB Teddy Bear

USB Teddy Bear

The Smart E Bear lets you connect him to your computer via USB. Then, once you have synced him with the downloadable software, he will start talking to your kid – by name.

He’ll sing and tell stories and play games with your urchins in English or Spanish – all you do is load up the content you want, and your child triggers Smart E into action by squeezing his paw.

And here’s the kicker: sure Smart E Bear is preloaded with tons of good educational content, but (like iTunes), you can always download more (even new languages for him to speak and teach your geeklings). This means that Smart E Bear can evolve and grow as your children do. He’ll be their friend, teacher, and teddy bear for all time. And when your children move off to college and say they’ve outgrown their Smart E Bear – then you can finally have him back all for yourself.

USB Teddy Bear


  • Dozens of stories, games, and songs preinstalled (thousands more available from Smart E Store).
  • Child interacts with content by squeezing Smart E’s paw.
  • Multi-lingual (English and Spanish included; French and Chinese available for additional download)
  • Fully expandable with downloads from the Smart E Store.
  • Included database of over 1,000 boy and girl names means Smart E Bear will be able to call your child by name!
  • Customizable interactions to become more complex as your child ages.
  • Connects to your computer via USB cord.
  • Auto run installs software interface (Windows XP, Vista or Mac OS X 10.4 or later)
  • Very soft and huggable.

The Smart E Bear is yours for $59.99 over at the ThinkGeek website.


  1. Haha thats pretty cool somehow I don’t think its guna catch on though, sounds like its pretty much an mp3 player inside a teddy bear.

  2. If this bear works as well as the features suggest I think it’s pretty cool. The controls are well-integrated so he’s still a cute bear.

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