Build Your Own Easter Island Kit

Build Your Own Easter Island Kit

GeekAlerts has shown you the Moai Ice Cube Tray and now we want to revisit the mysterious Easter Island Moai again.  The Build Your Own Easter Island Kit provides you with the opportunity to learn more about the strange large headed Moai.  What is their […]

300 Piece hydrodynamic set

300 Piece Hydrodynamic Set

Science is an important tool that can be used to help reduce the use of fossil fuels and prevent further green house gases.  The 300 Piece Hydrodynamic Set is a fun way to learn more about water and possible uses for it.  Hydro power, solar […]

mad scientist blocks

Mad Scientist Building Blocks

When your child deserves more and the basic ABC building blocks just won’t do, get the Mad Scientist Building Blocks.  Each block is made from solid American maple wood and is laser engraved to ensure great detail.  It’s a very competitive world out there today, […]


USB Teddy Bear

The Smart E Bear lets you connect him to your computer via USB. Then, once you have synced him with the downloadable software, he will start talking to your kid – by name.

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Star Wars Darth Vader Laptop

Electric toys that seems to whisper “I am your father” to your kids is nothing new. But it’s never quite been with the same authority as the Star Wars Darth Vader Laptop – an educational tool shaped like the helmet worn by Anakin Skywalker’s alter […]