UNO III Streetbike Transformer Motorcycle

UNO III Streetbike

There’s a lot more to this motorcycle than meets the eye. In fact, the UNO III Streetbike is a Segway in disguise. Incredible as it sounds, the UNO III can transform from a motorcycle (actually a three-wheeled sports bike, but the back two wheels are very close together) to a two-wheel dicycle that resembles a Segway personal transporter. It is every geek’s dream—your very own working transformer. Plus it is Earth Day today, so it is important to note that this street bike is powered by a zero emission electric motor.

UNO III SegwayLike the Segway, the UNO III has internal gyros to maintain stability while in the two wheel mode (Uno Mode). In this mode the U3 is able to maneuver very easily making tight turns without taking up much space. It is possible to drive this urban vehicle around an office, taking it down a hallway or up an elevator. This is the mode to be in for small spaces or when there are crowds around.

Uno 3 MotorcycleAs your speed increases, the third wheel on the U3 automatically folds out and the rear wheels slide back. It actually transforms into a streetbike, right while you are driving it, all without losing stability or control. The motorcycle mode is ideal when you are driving on the street and want to achieve higher speeds. In the motorcycle mode it is able to go faster—up to 30 miles per hour.

UNO III Streetbike Features

  • Road-ready transforming street bike
  • Unique and stylish
  • Small enough to bring indoors and powerful enough to drive on the road
  • More stable than a motorcycle at low speeds
  • Environmentally friendly, zero emissions (completely green)
  • Significantly lower operating costs than a petrol powered vehicle

Technical Specifications

  • Top speed: 30mph (Motorcycle mode), 15mph (UNO mode)
  • Charge time: 3-4 hours from household socket
  • Battery life: Approximately 30-35 miles

Pre-order the UNO III Streetbike for £8,500 at

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