Solowheel Unicycle

Solowheel Gyroscopic Electric Unicycle

While the Segway was a revolution in personal transportation, the Solowheel is the latest evolution in electric vehicle technology. Similar to a Segway, the Solowheel features gyroscopic sensors to maintain perfect balance, and the rider controls speed and direction by leaning. It is also similar […]

14-Wheel Segway

14-Wheel Segway (Video)

If Nigel “This one goes to 11” Tufnel from Spinal Tap would ever hack a Segway, maybe the end result would look something like this: Watch the video clip above or head over to YouTube. Unfortunately, there is no information about who has created this […]

No Picture

Segway Beta

Just some Saturday fun silliness: Picture of the first Beta Segway. Reader comment: Burton says, This is actually a t-shirt designed by my company: Segway Beta T-Shirt ($15). I’m not sure why but the digg article did not link to us or give us credit. […]