UClear HBC120 Snow Helmet Communicator

UClear HBC120 Snow Helmet Communicator

Remember that UClear Bluetooth Helmet Communicator GeekAlerts.com posted about last month? That was the HBC-100 model, and it was meant to use with a motorcycle helmet. This new one, the UClear HBC120 Snow Helmet Communicator, gives you incredible communication capabilities right while skiing or snowboarding down the slopes. In fact, it is easy to install it on most ski, snowboard, snowmobile and motorcycle helmets.

The UClear HBC-120 gives you unprecedented wireless communication and music listening capabilities due to it’s advanced technology. It uses military-grade digital signal processing to filter out background noise, such as wind, to make voices clear and understandable. Many other headsets use boom microphones, and with these it just isn’t possible to be heard above the noise in harsh environments. However, the UClear delivers crisp, accurate sound even in extremely windy and noisy environments. DSP algorithms like speech signal enhancement, background noise cancellation, adaptive beam forming, and echo cancellation combine to give you unbelievable clarity.

HBC-120 Snow Helmet Communicator

Using Bluetooth, the UClear HBC120 Snow Helmet Communicator allows you to make hands-free mobile phone calls using voice activation for hands free pick up. It also provides the capability to listen to music (through high fidelity speakers) and wirelessly control your music. If a buddy has an HBC-120, it has the direct intercom system for rider-to-rider comms.

It is easy to setup and easy to install. It comes packaged with an assortment of hardware that will allow for simple installation in most snowboard and ski helmets, as well as motorcycle and snowmobile helmets.

UClear HBC120

UClear HBC120 Helmet Communicator Kit Includes:

  • HBC120 control unit
  • Hardware to mount controller to most helmets and goggles
  • High-fidelity speakers with embedded microphones (2)
  • AC/USB charger
  • 18″ extension cord for placing controller in pocket
  • Velcro speaker mounts

The UClear HBC120 is available for $229.95 with free shipping from Amazon.com. It is also available for the same price including free shipping at REI.com, although you may want to order it direct from the UClear Store.

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  1. At the end of last years ski season we purchased two units for skiing. Our primary attraction to the product were the military usage you describe. Keeping in communication among a group of soldiers is similar to us keeping in touch skiing. Wow, we were sold.
    During the summer we purchased new helmets to insert the Uclear. Last night all excited oboist the Uclear and new helmets we paired them to try them out.
    While reading the manual,vs the box, I noted the military communication is only good for a few meters. What!!!
    When we ski I can talk to my wife in a normal voice at ten meters.

    We feel that we were sold your product using a very poor description of its capabilities. At a minimum I expected line of sight intercom.

    That said at ten meters the communication is clear. But skiing I am rarely that close.

    We live on a ski hill and ski most days during the season. We will not recommend the product to our friends as it is over priced and under performs in one of its major advertised features – Intercom

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