UClear HBC 130

UClear HBC130 Bicycle Helmet Communicator

May 1, 2012 James Scott 0

We’ve already taken a look at the UClear HBC100 and UClear HBC120, advanced communicators designed for motorcycle helmets and snowboard helmets, respectively. For all the cyclists out there, we now present the UClear HBC130 Bicycle Helmet Communicator. This communicator is designed to easily attach to […]

HBC-120 Snow Helmet Communicator

UCLEAR Helmet Communicator HBC120 Snow Review

December 24, 2011 James Kelly 0

Last week GeekAlerts introduced you to the UCLEAR HBC120 Snow Helmet Communicator, and you’ve already read about the HBC100 Communicator, so this week we are going to give you a review of the HBC120 Snow. If you are not familiar with helmet communicators, you have […]

UClear HBC120 Snow Helmet Communicator

UClear HBC120 Snow Helmet Communicator

December 15, 2011 James Scott 1

Remember that UClear Bluetooth Helmet Communicator GeekAlerts.com posted about last month? That was the HBC-100 model, and it was meant to use with a motorcycle helmet. This new one, the UClear HBC120 Snow Helmet Communicator, gives you incredible communication capabilities right while skiing or snowboarding […]

UClear HBC100 Helmet Communicator

UClear HBC100 Bluetooth Helmet Communicator

November 18, 2011 James Scott 1

Wearing a motorcycle helmet can seriously interfere with communications, unless you have the UClear HBC100 Bluetooth Helmet Communicator. Between the wind whipping by and the roar of the engine, a typical wireless headset would be worthless. However, the UClear HBC 100 uses proven military technology […]