Star Trek USB Communicator

star trek usb communicator

Star Trek fans and internet chat fans are gong to love the Star Trek USB Communicator.  This USB device allows you to chat online with your friends via Skype, MSN, AIM, or iChat.  This officially licensed replica communicator even makes the “chirp” sound when flipped open and has 21 other sounds effects.  With its built in microphone and earphone, maybe you’ll get lucky and be able to reach Captain Kirk or Spock for some assistance on your next online chat session.

officially licensed star trek usb communicator

Star Trek USB Communicator

  • USB Communicator looks just like the real thing and allows to you chat online
  • Officially Licensed Star Trek Collectable
  • Built-in microphone and earphone, works with Skype, MSN, AIM, iChat, etc
  • Star Trek chirp sound when opening
  • Built-in speaker with 21 authentic sound effects
  • Individual microphone mute button
  • Volume switch
  • 6 foot long USB cable
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS X 10.5

You can purchase the Star Trek USB Communicator on sale at ThinkGeek for $29.99.


  1. USB Communicator: 21 Sound Effects (1-20 appear randomly)

    Transceiver antenna flipped: Communications Lock Sound Effect.
    1. Spock “Fascinating.”
    2. Kirk: “Space, the final frontier.”
    3. Sulu: “Photon torpedoes fire!” followed by Launch and Explosions Sound Effect.
    4. McCoy (Bones): “I’m a Doctor, not a Bricklayer!”
    5. Kirk: “Captain’s log… Star-date unknown.”
    6. Uplink Activity: “Computer working”
    7 Spock: “Most strange, readings indicate a life form in the vicinity, apparently human.”
    8. McCoy (Bones): “Spare me the analysis, Mr Spock, please.”
    9. Spock: “Your ‘highly emotional reaction’ is most illogical.”
    10. Spock: “Live long and prosper.”
    11. Kirk: “Ahead… Warp-factor one.”
    12. Kirk: “Kirk to Enterprise – Enterprise – Enterprise come-in – Kirk to Enterprise?”
    13. McCoy (Bones): “Are you out of your Vulcan mind.”
    14. Hailing Chirp: Whistle Sound Effect.
    15. Kirk: “Sound Red Alert.” followed by Red Alert Klaxon Sound Effect.
    16. Spock: “It’s not life as we know or understand it.”
    17. McCoy (Bones): “He’s dead Jim.”
    18. McCoy (Bones): “Scotty, I can’t change the laws of Physics.”
    19, Kirk: “This is Captain James Kirk.”
    20. Theme Tune TOS 55 seconds of unalloyed joy.

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