The Thinnest 20 Card Wallet

Thinnest 20 Card Wallet

If you’re like my dad, or most men for the matter, then you don’t really like carrying around a lot of cash in your wallet. It’s either that, or your money isn’t even in your wallet; it’s just rolled up with a rubber band wrapped around it somewhere in your pocket. But I understand how much of a hassle it is to have a wallet that’s as fat as a Big Mac. But if you’re the type who carries around a lot of credit and debit cards, then the Thinnest 20 Card Wallet is the one for you.

Wallets can’t get any more thinner than this. This wallet has literally twice as much space in pockets to hold all your cards, including your gym and select club membership cards. You won’t be needing any separate card holder anymore, which means less hassle and more space–in your pants or in your handbag.

Thinnest 20 Card Leather Wallet

The Thinnest 20 Card Wallet

Doubling the number of cards that can be carried in a typical wallet, this is the thinnest leather wallet that can store up to 20 cards. Its patented twin pair of nested pockets places cards in a flat, efficient side-by-side arrangement, eliminating the excessive bulk present in common wallets. Two additional slots in the interior hold cash and receipts. Perfectly balanced with five cards per pocket, the wallet folds to a thickness no greater than 1/2″ and the break between the two pairs of card slots allows it to flex naturally when in a pocket while sitting.

Handmade in the U.S., the wallet is made with both a soft, full-grain cowhide leather interior and exterior.

The Thinnest 20 Card Wallet is available from Hammacher Schlemmer for $79.95.

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