World’s Thinnest iPhone Wallet: iLIDmk-1

World's thinnest iPhone wallet: iLIDmk-1

How many times have you gotten dressed up and ready to head out only to realize you have nowhere to put important things like cash and a house key? It happens to all of us, not just women in those sexy cocktail dresses. It turns out that a few young Australians had enough of this problem and decided to solve it. That’s where Kickstarter comes into play. GeekAlerts has introduced you to them in the past, so I am going to get right to the good stuff: World’s Thinnest iPhone Wallet: iLIDmk-1.

Taking into account that no one leaves their home without their iPhone, iLID iPhone Case decided to take action and create an inexpensive and stylish solution to solve “pocket overcrowding.” With the iPhone Wallet, you not only get a case for your iPhone, but you also get some convenient storage space for things like money, credit cards, and even a key. Now you can head out with friends for a night on the town with all the essentials without having cluttered pockets.

iPhone Wallet

What is the iLIDmk-1 World’s thinnest iPhone Wallet?
Our case consists of 2 thin profile polycarbonate shells that are joined together to create a hinged iPhone Wallet. Inside is a specially designed money clip.

  • Thin & lite, at only 17mm thin & feather lite at 30g
  • Main bay designed to hold up to 3cards
  • Money clip for holding your cash
  • Top bay can hold your key, an SD memory card or your Second Sim card!

If you pledge $30 to the World’s Thinnest iPhone Wallet: iLIDmk-1, that money will secure your pre-order of one black or white iLIDmk-1. Orders should be shipping January 2012.

Check the video out, at the very least you’ll get to hear some cool Aussie accents!

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