Scooby Doo Haunted Old Van Glow-in-the-Dark T-Shirt

January 8, 2015 Marty Shaw 0

From the looks of the Scooby Doo Haunted Old Van Glow-in-the-Dark T-Shirt, those pesky kids finally stumbled across a mystery they couldn’t solve. The artist known as wytrab8 has created a scene that should send plenty of creepy vibes through fans of the old Scooby […]


Classic Penguin Maquette

December 21, 2014 Marty Shaw 0

Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot is captured with some cool retro style on Tweeterhead’s Classic Penguin Maquette. The first in the new Batman Classic Collection, this 11.5-inch-tall statue features a Penguin inspired by the art of Bob Kane and Dick Sprang, complete with 1940s style tuxedo, top […]


Inflatable Brick Cellphone

December 19, 2014 Marty Shaw 1

Bring back the 80s with the Inflatable Brick Cellphone and relive the ‘good old days,’ when losing track of your cellphone was almost impossible. Phones have come a long way over the years, with the phones of today being barely bigger than a credit card. […]


Doctor Who Series 8 Retro Poster Collection

December 15, 2014 Marty Shaw 0

The Doctor Who Series 8 Retro Poster Collection captures Peter Capaldi’s first series as the Doctor with some awesome images inspired by the vintage style of old movie posters. From Deep Breath to Death in Heaven, these 11″ x 14″ posters celebrate the heroic Time […]


8-bit Ghostbusting T-Shirt

November 28, 2014 Marty Shaw 0

Two supernatural forces from the 80s collide on the 8-bit Ghostbusting T-Shirt, proving to ghosts that a big, yellow circle with a mouth and a ravenous appetite aren’t the only things they need to fear. I love this retro shout-out to the 80s, featuring Ghostbusters […]


Adventures in Sidekick-Sitting T-Shirt

November 27, 2014 Marty Shaw 0

Many have been called Robin, so many that Bruce Wayne needs a little help with keeping an eye on them, and the Adventures in Sidekick-Sitting T-Shirt reveals who he turns to, along with adding a little 80’s flair. Batgirl does her best Elisabeth Shue impression […]


DC Classic TV Series Batman Cowl

October 31, 2014 Marty Shaw 0

You want to be Batman, and not just any Batman. You want to be the retro 1966 Caped Crusader. The DC Classic TV Series Batman Cowl lets you instantly transform yourself into the vigilante that delivers ‘BIF’ and ‘POW’ to the criminals of Gotham City. […]


Wonder Woman Retro Playing Cards

October 2, 2014 Conner Flynn 0

You don’t need the lasso of truth to convince you that these Wonder Woman Retro Playing Cards are awesome. They celebrate our favorite DC Comics heroine and have great retro style. This deck will make your Poker night much more interesting. It’s almost as good […]

Atari Retro Pom Beanie Hat

Atari Retro Pom Beanie Hat

September 11, 2014 Conner Flynn 0

This Atari Retro Pom Beanie Hat will let everyone know what your first video game system was. Wear it proudly and be reminded of hours of Space Invaders and Missile Command. This one is for old-school gamers who don’t want motion controllers and fancy graphics. […]


Bruce Banner Change Poster

August 10, 2014 Marty Shaw 0

Don’t ignore this Bruce Banner Change Poster or Bruce will get angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. Long before Mark Ruffalo started dealing with anger management issues in The Avengers, television viewers had a chance to see ol’ mean-and-green in action on the […]


R-Kaid-R Portable Arcade

August 7, 2014 Marty Shaw 0

The R-Kaid-R Portable Arcade is the perfect gaming system for those gamers that want to stand out from the pack for more than just having a high score. With a handmade case made from solid wood, the R-Kaid-R (Arcader) kicks some serious butt in the […]


Planet of the Apes George Taylor Clothed Action Figure

July 30, 2014 Marty Shaw 0

Those darned dirty apes! The Planet of the Apes Classic George Taylor Clothed 8-Inch Action Figure lets you relive the days of Earth being ruled by its Simian overlords long before Mark Wahlberg, James Franco, or Gary Oldman were brought into the franchise. The poseable […]


1989 Video Game Batman 7-Inch Action Figure

July 25, 2014 Marty Shaw 0

The Dark Knight is looking a little blue (and purple) with the 1989 Video Game Batman 7-Inch Action Figure, offering up a video game version of the hero based on the 1989 8-bit side-scrolling game. Batman has always had legions of admirers within the ranks […]


Game Boy Hard Drive

July 10, 2014 Marty Shaw 1

There might have been a time when your Game Boy was a constant companion, always accompanying you in order to provide entertainment at a moment’s notice. With the Game Boy Hard Drive, you once again have a reason to keep this handy gadget at your […]

Where's Waldo Sublimation T-Shirt

Where’s Waldo Sublimation T-Shirt

June 8, 2014 Marty Shaw 0

Way back in the day, before even GameBoy was a thing, kids passed the time with games like Where’s Waldo (Where’s Wally for the UK peeps). The Where’s Waldo Sublimation T-Shirt lets you relive those golden, innocent times, and you don’t even need to carry […]

DC Comics Bombshells Zatanna Statue

DC Comics Bombshells Zatanna Statue

June 5, 2014 Marty Shaw 0

The Mistress of Magic gets a Pin-Up style makeover with the DC Comics Bombshells Zatanna Statue, which shows the witch still knows a thing or two about weaving spells, regardless of what era she’s representing. With just a few minor modifications of her classic outfit, […]