Deadpool Corps Mini-Bust Boxed Set

The Deadpool Corps Mini-Bust Boxed Set features the craziest team-up ever assembled in the Marvel Universe, comprised of some of the oddest version of Wade Wilson that exist on alternate Earths. Cold cast at 1:6 scale in high-quality polystone, this boxed set includes most of […]


Fantastic Four Thing Bookend

Celebrate the fantastic Four with this Gentle Giant Studios Fantastic Four Thing Bookend. It may only depict one of the team members, but The Thing is a team all by himself anyway. This bookend is hand-numbered and a limited edition. It includes a Certificate of […]


Star Wars Death Trooper Statue

The zombie apocalypse invades the Star Wars universe with the Star Wars Death Trooper Statue, inspired by the Random House novel, Death Troopers, which features two familiar faces encountering a brand-new problem. According to this Expanded Universe adventure, before they encountered Ben Kenobi and Luke […]

18 Inch Black Widow Statue

18-Inch Black Widow Statue

You’ll feel like a Hollywood celebrity has moved in with you when you add the 18-Inch Tall Black Widow Statue to your collection of Avengers goodies; because this 1 1/2-foot tall statue was created using digital scan data of Scarlett Johansson, creating a highly-detailed and […]


Snowbunny Padme Amidala Statue

Inspiration leads to a new look for Star Wars’ Padme with the Snowbunny Padme Amidala Statue, featuring the former queen suiting up for some chilly weather. You’ve missed half the story if you’ve only watched the Star Wars movies because the characters have all-new adventures […]


Thor Hammer Bookend

Whosoever holds this Thor Hammer Bookend, if he be worthy, shall possess the power to keep their books, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs neatly organized. This version of might Mjölnir might not let you call down the lightning but it will let you show off your […]


Wolverine Bookend

If you have some awesome books that you want to keep safe and organized, the Wolverine Bookend is just the thing to keep your personal library in tip-top shape. Everyone’s favorite cigar-chomping mutant is rocking the regular wardrobe these days on the big screen but […]


War Machine Mini-Bust

Before Tony Stark’s buddy, Jim “Rhody” Rhodes, gave his armor a patriotic paint job and became the Iron Patriot, it was a sleek black-and-grey design. The War Machine Mini-Bust captures the look of the heavily-weaponed suit of armor before Rhody took fashion tips from Captain […]