The Pirate Dictionary

If you didn’t understand people at the office today, you’re not going crazy, you just didn’t know it was International Talk Like A Pirate Day. To get ready for next year, you need The Pirate Dictionary by Terry Breverton. After reading the Pirate Dictionary, you’ll […]

Pirate Primer Book

The Pirate Primer Book

For Talk Like A Pirate Day we’ve been covering a lot of pirate related products. One of them, the Pirattitude Book, taught you how to be a pirate, but today we don’t need to BE a pirate or even ACT like a pirate—we only need […]

American Flag Apple iPad Case

Patriotic Apple iPad Cases

In celebration of American Independence Day, we collected a set of the coolest patriotic US flag themed Apple iPad Cases. First is the modern pixelated American Flag iPad Case pictured above, which is $59.95 at Zazzle.

Snack & Stack Utensils all

Snack & Stack Lego Block Utensils

Do you think about LEGOs and building blocks 24/7?  Well if you want to try to incorporate LEGOs into your everyday routine, the Snack and Stack Utensils are a good start.  These LEGO like utensils lock together for easy storage or for building your own […]

i-Ecko 2GB USB Bottle Opener

i-Ecko 2GB USB Bottle Opener

Finally someone has us covered. Working those late nights will never be the same now that you can enjoy a drink as you do your work. The i-Ecko 2GB USB Bottle Opener has plenty of storage space to justify the social need for it. Don’t […]