Dry-All Cellular Phone Emergency Kit

It happens more often than you think. Just as you’re bending over to pick something up or reaching across the toilet to grab a towel, your beloved iPhone, smartphone, or tablet goes careening out of the case or out of your pocket and straight into a puddle of water with a splash. Scream and panic as you might, but none of that will help make things better–that is, unless you happen to be yelling for the the Dry-All Cellular Phone Emergency Kit.

You would obviously expect something that’s called a kit to have several stuff or components that make it up, but these kits only contain one thing: absorbent beads, and lots and lots of it.

There are three different kits in the series: one for cellphones, one for smartphones, and one for tablet PCs. The first two sound pretty redundant though, because smartphones are cellphones and cellphones can be smartphones, obviously.

Dry-All Smartphone Emergency Kit

  • Dries all phones to 0% humidity.
  • Recovers wet Smartphones in as little as 6 hours.
  • Use up to 5X’s for thousands in savings.
  • Dries phones that have been submerged Easy to use!
  • Dries using DRY-ALLs proprietary Blue Bead Technology™.
  • DRY-ALLs patent pending absorption chamber.
  • Guaranteed to dry all wet smart phones.

All three kits are available from Buy.com. The Cellular Phone Kit is the cheapest and costs only $17, while the Tablet Kit carries a $35 price tag. The Smartphone Kit is the most costly of the three, coming in at $46.

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