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LED Flashlight with Universal Charger

This small flashlight gets its bright withe light from an energy-smart, long-lasting light-emitting-diode. It also doubles as an emergency charger, allowing you to charge just about any cell phone, MP3 player or other digital product using the included adapters.


Cell Phone Charger Pen

This fully working ballpoint pen also functions as a cell phone charger. It requires only one AA battery to provide your flat battery with an extra 100 minutes worth of power. It comes with 5 different adapters for various mobile phones, such as Nokia, Samsung, […]

Multifunctional Digital Solar Charger

Multifunctional Solar Charger

This multifunctional solar charger will not only be able to charge handheld devices like cell phones, MP3 players etc., it also comes with a built-in LED flashlight, UV money checker and an FM radio. Multifunctional Digital Solar Charger: Wide applicability: The solar charger can charge […]