Tactical BBQ Apron

Tactical BBQ Apron

If you love the smell of flaming briquettes in the morning (or anytime), you’ll want to arm yourself with the Tactical BBQ Apron, letting people know that BBQ is not to be taken lightly when you’re standing at the grill.

Backyard chefs that want to unleash their full culinary arsenal are usually left vulnerable to their environment and willingness of friends and family to help out because the serious BBQ connoisseur requires a lot to work with, and that used to demand either a lot of table space around the grill or a friend or two to lend a helping hand. The way to take total control of your grilling environment is to tackle it with tactics.

This serious addition to your BBQ ensemble features the MOLLE system, which happens to be the same Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment system used by a number of armed forces, including the British Army and the United States Army.

Check out the specs to see just how prepared you’ll be.

Tactical BBQ Grill Apron

Tactical BBQ Apron

  • Real MOLLE system for holding everything a Grill Master needs
  • 2 large pouches and 3 smaller pouches
  • Front and back removable Velcro patch
  • Perfect for storing condiments, grilling utensils, salt / pepper… and your phone
  • Adjustable side strap for the perfect fit
  • Materials: 100% Cotton
  • Care: Machine wash cold with like colors, hang to dry

Incidentally, while you’ll be tough enough to tenderize chicken and apply a rub to beef, don’t try to do anything along the lines of taking a bullet for the kids or throwing yourself on a grenade because the apron isn’t quite that tough, because… well… it’s an apron.

The Tactical BBQ Apron is available for $34.99 at ThinkGeek.com.

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