Swann Remote Control Helicopters

Swann Micro Lightning RC Helicopter

Swann is an electronics company known for surveillance camera systems including CCTV cameras and DVRs. Today they announced a completely new product line, Swann Remote Control Helicopters. They are kicking off this new product line with 8 different choppers with names like Micro Lightning (pictured above), Micro Hornet, Missile Strike, Military Thunder, and Emergency Strike. They all sound pretty cool, but the Missile Strike RC Helicopter is most intriguing because it can actually fire missiles via remote control.

Swann Remote Control Helicopters are capable of performing precise flight maneuvers and incredible stunts, yet they are easy to fly due to the Easy-Fly Gyro Technology. They feature infrared remote controls with two joysticks for 6-way multi-directional flying including forward/backward, up/down, left and right turns.

Swann Remote Control Helicopters

Swann Remote Control Helicopters will have an MSRP of $59 and be sold at a variety of electronics stores that already sell current Swann products like security cameras such as Fry’s Electronics and Radio Shack.They will be available online at merchants like Amazon.com and JR.com for around $45.99.


  1. this stuff was very great for your spy activities … also The Swann RC Indoor Helicopter is really cool and perhaps one of the least “technological” devices I have tested lately. What a great way to take a break.

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