Swann ADS-440 All-in-One IP Network Camera

June 11, 2013 James Kelly 0

If you’re looking to add an easy to use IP network camera to your home or office, check out the ADS-440 All-in-One IP Network Camera from Swann. It features a simple plug and play design with a color CMOS, 640 x 480 video resolution, built […]

Swann Audio Warning Security Camera

Swann ADS-191 Audio Warning Security Camera

June 30, 2012 James Kelly 1

Whether you believe in zombies or just home protection from other riffraff, home security is a must. Swann, a leader in security monitoring solutions, just released the all new ADS-191 Audio Warning Security Camera. This easy to setup package features a day/night CCTV video surveillance […]


MP3 DJ Doorbell

March 16, 2012 James Kelly 1

Are you getting sick of that boring doorbell chime? Well, Swann has a simple and fun fix to that problem. The MP3 DJ Doorbell is a customizable wireless doorbell that stores (via removable SD card) and plays music when the doorbell is pressed. The package […]

Swann HD PenCam

Swann HD PenCam & PenCam 4GB

February 10, 2012 James Kelly 0

If you are looking for some cool spy gear to buy yourself or significant other this Valentine’s Day, check out this new gear. Swann, a global leader in security monitoring solutions, just released their latest video surveillance gadgets, the Swann HD PenCam & PenCam 4GB. […]

Swann Video Camera Helicopters and iDevice Controlled Helicopters

Swann Video Camera and iDevice Controlled Helicopters

January 5, 2012 James Kelly 0

Swann, a global leader in security monitoring solutions, I.T. peripherals, and electronic gadgets, just announced three new editions to their remote controlled helicopter lineup. The Sky Eye, Black Swann, and i-Fly Micro Lightning remote controlled gyro helicopters all feature custom designs and up to 8 […]

Swann Remote Control Helicopters

Swann Remote Control Helicopters

April 13, 2011 James Scott 2

Swann is an electronics company known for surveillance camera systems including CCTV cameras and DVRs. Today they announced a completely new product line, Swann Remote Control Helicopters. They are kicking off this new product line with 8 different choppers with names like Micro Lightning (pictured […]