LaCie Blade Runner External Hard Drive

January 21, 2013 Range 0

This limited edition hard drive was designed by Philippe Starck for LaCie, and it looks pretty interesting. There’s a metal interior, a cage-like shell, and an attempt to mirror humans and machines. While I’m not sure if this last part actually worked, the hard drive […]

Cassette To iPod Converter

Cassette To iPhone/iPod Converter

September 15, 2012 Patra Beaulieu 2

Do you still have that romantic mixtape that your boyfriend or girlfriend made for you in high school? Now you can keep the music and memories and get rid of your tape players and tapes as you convert music from cassettes to mp3’s with the […]


Palo Alto Audio Cubik Digital Speakers

April 28, 2012 James Kelly 0

If you’re looking for cutting edge sound quality and style to match, look no further than the Palo Alto Audio Cubik Digital Speakers. Designed with the audiophile in mind, these speakers feature a 2.5 inch metal-cone full-range driver with full-digital amplification and lossless digital USB […]

Antec Electronics Cleaning Solutions

Antec Advance Cleaning Kits

December 2, 2011 James Kelly 0

I hope you have room in your shopping cart for an inexpensive, but important stocking stuffer gift. Antec, maker of high-performance computer accessories and components, just announced the Antec Advance Cleaning Kits. These inexpensive kits include everything you need to protect your valuable electronics and […]

Scosche FreeKEY Bluetooth Wireless iPad Keyboard

Scosche FreeKEY Roll-up Wireless Keyboard Review

November 29, 2011 Ryan Cooper 2

These days most of us have a smartphone or a touchscreen tablet that can be used to write documents and send emails. The problem is that the virtual keyboards on the touchscreen displays make typing slow and error-prone. With this hands-on Scosche FreeKEY Roll-up Wireless […]

DIAMOND Multimedia HP200AV Powerline AV Ethernet Adapter Kit

Diamond HP200AV Powerline AV Ethernet Adapter Kit

September 6, 2011 James Scott 3

Unless you are lucky enough to live in new construction, chances are your home is not wired for computer networking. Because of the exorbitant expense and hassle of adding wiring inside existing walls, the solution for many is wireless networking. Even though wireless networking keeps […]

Swann Remote Control Helicopters

Swann Remote Control Helicopters

April 13, 2011 James Scott 2

Swann is an electronics company known for surveillance camera systems including CCTV cameras and DVRs. Today they announced a completely new product line, Swann Remote Control Helicopters. They are kicking off this new product line with 8 different choppers with names like Micro Lightning (pictured […]

Lingo World Traveler Language Translator

44 Language Translator

April 7, 2011 Patra Beaulieu 0

Do you ever try to spark conversation in a different language, only to find yourself making a fool of yourself because you were stumped on a particular word or phrase? Meanwhile, the people you were trying to impress took pity on you with gracious smiles and nods […]