Superplexus 3D Game of Skill

Superplexus 3D Game

If you like keeping the old noggin sharp by doing crazy puzzles such as the 3-D IQ Sphere, the Superplexus 3D Game of Skill is going to blow your mind. After all, Napoleon Dynamite got pretty far by realizing that “chicks dig guys with skills.” Alternatively, guys probably dig chicks with skills, too. So start honing such skills now.

The Superplexus 3D Game of Skill by the reputable Tiger Electronics is a labyrinth set inside a clear plastic bubble that puts your hand-eye coordination skills to the test. The player in control is required to tilt the globe in various directions and roll the marble through an intense series of swirly, zig-zaggy obstacles with numbered checkpoints. An in-built, battery-operated timer adds to the excitement. If the marble drops, it’s back to the beginning or to the next player. Easy rules but not such an easy task.

Product Details

  • Item Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 4 pounds

Great for any age, this game is a handy time killer for camping, family gatherings, car trips, babysitters, doctor’s offices or perfect for just about any situation where people are bound to die of boredom.  The Superplexus 3D Game of Skill is available at for $295.

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