Super Mario Brothers Mushroom Candy

Super Mario Brothers Mushroom Candy

These cool Super Mario Bros. 1UP mushrooms comes filled with candy. You can choose between three different colors, each with a different flavor: raspberry (blue), cherry (red), or apple (green).

The Super Mario Brothers Mushroom Candy tins are approximately 3.5 inches high and available for $3 a pop at the Fractalspin website. (Link removed, because the page is gone.)

When you’ve polished off the candies inside you can use the tin as a case for small things, like paper clips, push pins, a roll of solder, little screws, or bolts. Since 1UP mushrooms can give your character an extra life, we think these would be great to store pain meds like acetaminophen, allergy pills, or vitamins. If you felt like being clever you could even stuff in a handful of dried mushrooms instead (the kind you cook with, of course–like delicious Porcini or Shitake).

Super Mario Brothers Mushroom Candy


  1. True – usually it’s the other whay around when it comes to candy, it’s the content you want. But this time it’s the container that one would love to get the hands on. 🙂

  2. i have the red one of mario mushroom
    but i got it in a shop in America witch is sad
    because i live in england
    i wish i bought some more 🙁

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