Sunrise Serenade – The Softer Alarm Clock

Sunrise Serenade

Ok, so you think the Puzzle Alarm Clock is too tricky, the Disco Ball Alarm Clock is too Travoltish, and the Time Flyer Clock just don’t fly.

Here’s something completely different that might be just the ticket. Sunrise Serenade ($150) uses a soothing translucent orb that gradually changes the amount of light to wake you up to a simulated sunrise. You can also change it around and fall asleep to a calming sunset.

The traditional wake-up options are still available with the built-in FM radio and digital alarm clock, but the question is if you really want to go back after having tried it the sunset way.

Being jarred awake by a harsh alarm interferes with the body’s natural circadian rhythms. Research has demonstrated that a gradually brightening light, like a sunrise, results in a smoother transition to wakefulness, and a better mood.

(Via Crave)


  1. Hehe…I already fell in love with a several of all alarm clocks that have been posted here on GeekAlerts. I could have at least 10 around me in the morning.. 🙂 This one would definitely be no. 11!

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