Stripper Sloth Shower Curtain

Stripper Sloth Shower Curtain

Watch a wild animal get really wild on the Stripper Sloth Shower Curtain, and just try to keep the smile off your face whenever you walk into the bathroom.

You have to feel sorry for the poor sloth. The usually-innocent creature shares the same name as one of the seven deadly sins. How traumatizing is that?

However, this particular sloth has decided to shed that image of laziness because she loves the greenbacks, and she has discovered that working the pole is the quickest way to lining her den with a few hundred Benjamins.

The shower curtain, made of 50% polyester, 45% cotton, and 5% elastic, measures 70.8-inches x 72-inches, and comes with 12 plastic hooks.

Get the party started with the Stripper Sloth Shower Curtain for $39.99 at Sharp Shirter and $35 at

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