Stormtrooper Nutcracker

Stormtrooper Nutcracker

If you’re into unusual Christmas decorations, then this won’t be the first time you see a Nutcracker that isn’t sporting the standard-issue costume. First there was the wooden R2-D2 Nutcracker, that has, no doubt, helped you crack even the hardest of nuts. Now you’ve got the Stormtrooper Nutcracker to add beside it (and crack even more nuts.)

The Stormtrooper Nutcracker stands at a little less than foot tall and aside from being a pretty useful tool, it also serves as a pretty good decorative piece. Fans of Star Wars will love this new limited edition nutcracker for their own personal collections.

Stormtrooper Nutcracker

Standing an impressive (most impressive) 11” this officially licensed nutcracker is ideal for Star Wars fans who enjoy fiddling with their nuts (no sniggering at the back) during marathon viewing sessions. More than that, it’s a quality shell buster with a fantastically geeky edge.

Strictly limited edition, the Stormtrooper Nutcracker is set to march off the shelves faster than you can sneer ‘you rebel scum,’ so get ordering pronto. Now go about your business, move along.

The Stormtrooper Nutcracker is available from Firebox for £36.99 ($58.)

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