StarScreen Social Backdrops

StarScreen Social Backdrops

One of the reasons why I usually decline invitations to go on video chats or conferences with my friends is because my room is usually messy. I just prefer to go on voice conferences or just do plain old chat instead. If that’s one of the main reasons why you avoid letting people view your webcam stream, then you might find the StarScreen Social Backdrop to be helpful in such cases.

The StarScreen Social Backdrop is easy to set up. Just put it behind you, and you’re good to go. It will make you look like you’re in some fancy place you’re not. (Obviously, they won’t believe that you’re at an actual beach when you’re fully clothed and when there are no waves.) But it’s still a pretty neat idea, don’t you think?

Video Conference Backdrop Settings

StarScreen Social Backdrop

Our delightful StarScreen Social Backdrops make video chatting and conferencing fun. It gives your chat buddy the illusion you’re in a fresh and exotic environment. Convert your messy room in an instant.

Includes 1 reversible nylon backdrop and a custom mounting system that universally attaches to all chair backs. Folds for storage or can be wall mounted as a room decoration.

The StarScreen Social Backdrop is available from Skymall for $29.99.

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