Exotic Meat: African Lion, Python, Crocodile, Black Bear

African Lion

I’ve heard of being so hungry you can eat a horse, but have you ever been so hungry you can eat a lion? It is possible, when you buy Exotic Meat including African Lion, Python, Crocodile, Black Bear, and more.

I can see the draw; it’s fun and interesting to try new foods and eating top predators makes you feel tough. I’ve eaten snakes and alligator when I was younger for these reasons, so eating the f’ing King of the Jungle should be the ultimate feast. But looking at the solemn picture of this majestic beast on the Exotic Meat Market’s website makes you sad to think of a magnificent lion being killed for its meat. Then a look at the “sale” prices of $500 for a single steak and $150 for a pound of ground lion meat makes you swear off the idea completely, even after their assurances that African Lion is not endangered.


Lion isn’t the only exotic meat to be had though, as this meat market has many other choices. There are other top predators like pythons, alligators, and crocodiles. They also used to list black bears, but apparently they are out of stock or have ceased selling bear meat. (Perhaps Stephen Colbert’s hatred of bears wasn’t satisfied by “putting them on notice” and declaring them “dead to me.” Could his war on bears have escalated to actually eating them?)

Exotic meat isn’t just ferocious predators, it also includes bison, elk, reindeer, alpaca, yak, goat, wild boar, kangaroo, emu, camel, wildebeest, water buffalo, antelope, turtle, peacock, and more. Basically you can eat most of the animals you can see at the zoo. You can even eat things you’d find at a park, like ducks and squirrels. They also have beaver meat. (Have you ever eaten beaver? Uhhhh…wait…wut?)


If you’re interested, you can buy these products from the Exotic Meat Market. However, don’t be surprised if no matter what you order, it’s all goat! (Like the exotic meat from Dwight on The Office.) But seriously, how would you know if you ordered African Lion and were sent old goat instead–I wouldn’t know that’s for sure.


  1. Ryan, you are in San Diego. It’s a good idea you come and meet me at the slaughterhouse where I slaughter my animals in California, MO and Texas. I have provided my invoices for Lions Meat to Fish and Game Department and if you wish, you can also come and verify it. Yes, you can take a piece of meat and do DNA testing, but do not say it is all “OLD GOAT MEAT”. That hurts, when you write something which is NOT true. I know, you like to be famous by talking about my Exotic Meat Market, but please be fair with the truth. Visit http://www.pe.com and search for the video of Exotic Meat Market. Lion Steaks are on the film, with USDA stamp on it. Thanks.

    • Hi Anshu – Thanks for your comments. I have no reason to doubt that the meat isn’t exactly as described on your website. The reference to it being all goat meat was just a joke. It would be great if you could come back to check the comments on this page again, in case any of our readers have questions about your exotic meats.

  2. Ryan,today I requested California Fish and Game Department to visit my web site to check if every thing is by the books or not? Too many complicated laws, each county and state has different laws which conflicts with Federal laws and Cites. If you wish, you should be our friend on Face Book so you can see what we do here at Exotic meat market.

  3. 1. Lion taste like Lion.
    2. Python taste like python, and rattle snake tate like rattle snake.
    3. Crocodile tatse like crocodile, not like alligator.
    4. Black bear taste like Black bear.

  4. i think people who eat majestic animals like lion or bear are really stupid because they cause the animals to become endangered. also they dont really need to eat the meat why not switch to something a little less stupid and pointless to eat like i dont know cow meat, or maybe chicken but whatever works for you just try not to think about all the endangered species that you sell or that you order. i guess the only thing that is worse than pointlessly ordering exotic meat is hunting and selling these animals that clearly have a purpose but i guess whatever works for you. if you feel that the mass produced meat isnt enough and that you need to eat wild animals then ok but just dont think about the money your wasting either, and dont think about all the hungry people who could have eaten with all that money that you spent on exotic meat or the money you put in your pocket by hunting and selling animals for your own benifit
    personally i wouldnt have anything to have to do with this company but whatever works

    • Your entire comment is utterly pointless. Here’s why:

      1. If you think eating an exotic animal is mean or bad, then you should think eating any animal is mean or bad. Lions and pythons aren’t magically “better” than cows or chickens (especially considering the cow is sacred in some cultures).

      2. Some people don’t believe that buying new foods is a waste of money. You might think that way, but that doesn’t mean it is. Some people like cars, shoes, clothes, computer/video games, homes, sports…and some people like food.

      3. If you’re going to whine and complain about “all the hungry people who could have eaten with all that money” then I sure as hell hope you don’t spend a lot of money on anything. What device are you typing on? It better be a free library computer you’re using to access the internet. Why? Because computers, monthly internet and cell phones are expensive and you need to think of all the people who could eat with that money. Do you own a vehicle? Better switch it to a bike and give all that extra money for gas and insurance to starving people. Live in a home bigger than a single room? You’re living in luxury and should immediately move out and give all that extra money to the disadvantaged.

      And if you’re so concerned with the poor, why are you wasting time posting here instead of volunteering to help others?

      In other words, your entire comment was trying to make people feel bad for liking something you happen to not like and made zero compelling arguments.

      As an aside, I have eaten snake and crocodile. They were not endangered and still aren’t endangered. While you might think of these as exotic animals and fear by simply eating them they’ll be endangered, that’s far from the case in parts of the world you don’t happen to live in. The crocodile I ate was grown locally by fishermen who wanted to make extra money and the snake was caught in the wild and is a commonly consumed food…same as the delicious tarantulas I had. These foods have been consumed for thousands of years and so far none of them are endangered.

      • Yujin,
        While you are hopefully correct about the species you consumed, there is a booming black market in ENDANGERED species, such as the African Lion – just 20,000 remaining. Would you eat Tiger, Black Rhino, or Eastern Mtn. Gorilla?

        Please visit the sites I mentioned in my other post of today for the rest of the story.


    • Actually if yo had half a brain you would see that the animals most often eaten are the animals in greatest numbers and the furthest from extinction. But then again I would not expect much intelligeance from someone that would choose such an online personna as yours.

  5. Don’t spend your money on exotic meats – rather spend it on an air ticket and a safari in a game park in Southern Africa – come see these amazing creatures in their natural habitat. Do some research and learn about how the poaching of these wild animals and the greed of “Exotic” meat / skin / horn / trades is RAPING our natural wild life – Are you aware that this is exactly how Rhino horns have become so highly sought after in Asia – due to a FALLACY, people believing that horns are an afrodisiac – when they may as well eat their own hair or finger nails because the horn of a rhino is KERATIN… now if eating a lion makes you tough – maybe you should personally stand up to one first!

    • Obviously poaching of wild and endangered animals is a problem (made even worse when it is for pathetic and fallacious reasons), but it says that the meat sold at the exotic meat market is “farm” raised and not endangered. I’m not going to vouch for them since I have no connection or special knowledge, but it seems silly to think this meat market would be advertising illegal products publicly on their website.

      I’m sure most people would much prefer to fly to Africa and go on a safari than eat lion meat, but this isn’t something most people could afford. I guess most of us are stuck eating McDonald’s and going to our nearest zoo.

  6. This Is Vile And A Prime Exsample Of Human Stupity,Greed And Gluttnoy. It’s Shit Like This That Is the Reason The Human Race Needs To Die. And Don’t Try To Bitch At Me For Saying It-I Honistly Don’t Care What You Think And You Are Too Below Me To Bothing Fighting Over How Stupid You Are. Case In Point-This And Humanity Need To Go.

  7. hey.
    This should really be taken off the website. How can you advertise eating these poor animals?there are people dying to protect these animals so show a little respect and cut this wild thing out. eat some cake:)

    From a frustrated woman in Norway

  8. Originally, African Lions ranged across Europe, Asia, and Africa. In 1960, there were 200,000 African Lions. Today … there are less than 20,000.

    They are CRITICALLY ENDANGERED. Lion Aid, an non-profit from the UK, estimates that, at their current mortality rate, due largely to human encroachment for agriculture, but also poaching and “legal” trophy hunting, Lions will be gone in just 20 years.

    Ryan, help make things right and be a part of the solution. Check the WWF site about the African Lion, Lion Aid’s site, and the IUCN.

  9. Really sorry to have seen this link in an otherwise interesting web site – i’m switching off after this. it seems quite out of place amongst silicone ice cube molds.
    Luckily, i expect most of this barbarism is illegal in my country (Scotland) where we read about the primitive folk that eat endangered animals, learning that a long long time ago folk perhaps ate these beings to survive… society has moved on since then and we’re happily moving towards a more educated and less carnivorous and barbaric ‘civilization’.
    Why anyone would contemplate killing a beautiful creature for any reason (cow, chicken, bob cat) is beyond me… adding horror to that notion is the admission that these animals are born into a life of torture – to live in wait for their death? This is vile.
    I’m sure in a few years time society (if it still exists) will look back on the hicks that perpetrate and perpetuate this type of murderous business (and their customers), and will weep at their villainy.
    You disgust me.

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