Enso Pearl

Enso Pearl

Make your time go full circle with the Enso Pearl. It’s an ultra-slim countdown timer that also doubles as an alarm clock. You can set up to fifty sequential times with the Enso. Set some time for your daily exercises, another one for your yoga time, and forty-eight other settings for all the other things in your life that you need to set some time aside for.

The Enso Pearl is simple and minimalist in design. It’s also pretty tiny too, so no trouble in setting it up or carrying it around with you either.

Enso Pearl

Enso means circle in Japanese. Which may go some way to explaining the Enso Pearl. Because this slim device actually counts down by slowly forming a complete circle around the LCD face. Set up to 50 sequential times and the Enso will happily work through each one in turn.

You can even exercise with your eyes closed (if you want to) since the Enso can be set to give you audio cues as well. Far more soothing than a digital ‘beep beep’, choose between the gentle chimes of Tibetan or Japanese singing bowls.

The Enso Pearl is available from Firebox for $111.

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