Star Trek DS9 Trill Triumphant T-Shirt

Celebrate the oldest crewmember of Deep Space Nine with the Star Trek DS9 Trill Triumphant T-Shirt.

Old lady isn’t exactly the term that pops into mind when you look at Jadzia Dax but things take on a new twist when you consider the Dax part of her name refers to a 300-year-old symbiote that lives in her abdomen… because Star Trek.

Of course, when you’ve been around that long – and picked up all the memories and experiences of the last seven hosts – learning how to take down a whole platoon of Klingon warriors is kind of an expected thing because being long-lived is a waste if you can’t kick butt and keep yourself in one piece.

The triumphant Trill and her mountain of Klingon victims was created by artist dandstrbo.

Available for $22 at TeeFury. Looking for great prices on Deep Space Nine merchandise that would make even a Ferengi happy? is the place to look.

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