Square Credit Card Reader for Apple Products

Square Credit Card Reader for Apple Products

As we mourn the recent passing of Mr. Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, we should also celebrate the plethora of technology we are basking in because of him and his formidable company. From the Apple Store online, the Square Credit Card Reader is a device that can be used to accept US credit card payments on the spot after downloading a free App on your Apple iPod touch, iPhone 4 or iPad.

  • Use with free app for your iPod touch (4th Gen.), iPhone 4, and iPad
  • Accept U.S.-issued Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards
  • Flat rate of 2.75% per transaction with any approved card
  • Plug in your reader and start accepting cards
  • Track sales, tips, and tax
  • Send receipts electronically
  • Daily deposit to your bank account
  • Receive $10 instantly when you activate your Square account

Square Credit Card Reader

Of course, some other stars have to align in order to reap the benefits of the Square. The credit cards you swipe through the reader must belong to the major league of credit card names, such as Visa, AmEx, MasterCard. Also, this gizmo is only compatible with Apple products, and I assume that whichever device you use must receive good signal or wi-fi during transactions.

The beauty of using the Square is that you can avoid monthly fees and just pay the 2.75% rate per transaction. Pay as you go. Meanwhile, you’re widening the field to customers who seldom carry cash but still want to buy your merchandise or use your services. Perfect for small business owners.

Pinocchio’s song sums it up best, when he turned into a real boy and began to sing, “I had strings but now I’m free. There are no strings on me.” Since it operates from wireless Apple products, the card reader can go anywhere you go.

The Square Credit Card Reader is only $9.95 from the Apple Store.

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