my3D iPhone/iPod 3D Viewer

my3D iPhone/iPod 3D Viewer

Experience stunning 3D on your Apple iPhone or iPod touch with the my3D 3D Viewer. With this little gadget, and the accompanying apps,your iPhone or iPod touch is transformed into an incredible 3D entertainment system. It isn’t just 3D; it is also 360 degrees! Because your iPhone can track where it is being moved and pointed, the MY3D system lets you look up, down, and all around. Imagine playing a 360 degree 3D shooter game or watching the latest movie trailers in 3D. You can with my3D!

A number of my3D apps are already available, and more are on their way:

  • MY3D PRESENTS App — Watch video demos, 3D movie trailers, slide shows, and more.
  • SECTOR 17 App — A one-of-a-kind 3D, 360 degree shooter game where you can select from an arsenal of weapons.
  • 360° SHARKS App — Underwater shark adventure where you explore and hunt the living ocean through the eyes of a shark
  • SHATTERSTORM App — Defend the galaxy from the invasion of the drones.
  • BUBBLE BOLT App — Become a Shark, Fish, or Starfish and navigate your way past obstacles by tilting and moving your viewer.
  • TUNNEL PILOT App — Next generation 3D racing game in underground tunnel, complete with a cache of battle weapons.
  • TELEPORT L.A. App — Experience Los Angeles, California with this 3D interactive virtual tour.

my3D iPhone iPod Touch 3D Viewer

With the my3D iPhone/iPod 3D Viewer, you can now experience 3D and 360 degrees of entertainment on your iPhone or iPod touch. A variety of specially-formatted MY3D apps are available for download on the Apple App Store and more are on the way! First, download the free MY3D Presents app to sample a variety of the latest content available (many selections are free!) and even see movie trailers – all in 3D! Just insert your iPhone or iPod touch into the MY3D viewer and you are ready to experience 3D entertainment in a whole new way. Tilt and turn your my3D iPhone 3D Viewer and you will be blown away by the 3D-ness you’ll enjoy.

3D iPhone iPod Touch Viewer

my3D iPhone/iPod 3D Viewer

  • Experience real 3D entertainment – with a full 360° of awesome.
  • Download the free MY3D Presents app to sample the latest content available and even see movie trailers – in 3D!
  • Insert your iPhone or iPod Touch and you are ready to begin the magic.
  • Compatible with: iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch (2nd-4th Generation)
  • Chose from Black or White my3D Viewer.
  • Dimensions: 5″ x 4.75″ x 3″ (approximate)
  • Includes: viewer, 4 cradles, and instructions for use.

Order the my3D iPhone/iPod 3D Viewer in your choice of white or black for $34.99 from The my3D Viewer is also available for $34.99 at and has them in White or Black for only $24.88, which is the best deal now.


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