Relativity Watch

Relativity Watch

So you’ve got a hot date tonight and totally forgot that you’ve got a family dinner to attend as well. What’s a girl (or guy) to do? There’s no easy solution when you’ve accidentally (or just stupidly) double-booked your evening. But depending on which party is the more lighthearted one and more easily amused, then maybe you can get out of it with the Relativity Watch.

Well, with the Relativity Watch, you won’t be reading off the time the way you usually do. Instead of referring to the numbers, all you have to do is look at the hands, because the numbers reshuffle every other second or so. So it could be 1:30 one moment and 8:45 the next, who knows?

The Relativity Watch

Relativity Watch

  • Numbers on the watch face rotate each second
  • In 30 seconds, 3 becomes 9!
  • Great for people who can’t really tell time anyway
  • Also great for time travelers (since a regular watch is useless)

You see, the hands of this watch tell the time, but the face doesn’t. The numbers are melty, much like your concept of time. In 30 seconds, the 3 becomes a 9, or the 11 becomes a 5. (You may or may not be able to convince your boss to let you out of work early.)

The Relativity Watch is available from ThinkGeek for $34.99.

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