Prometheus Kitchen Appliance

Prometheus Kitchen Appliance

For those who are impaired in any way, be it visually or physically, it always helps to know that there are gadgets and appliances out there that are made especially with them in mind. For example, the Braille Electric Plug Tags would make identifying which wires belonged to which appliances simply by touching them or checking the labels.

In a similar fashion, the Prometheus Kitchen Appliance helps those who are impaired with one hassle of a daily task: cooking. There are a lot of hazards to the usual kitchen appliances when they aren’t handled as they should.

Prometheus Kitchen Appliance

Taking this into consideration, the Prometheus Kitchen Appliance makes cooking easy and changing settings even easier. Aside from that, the settings and switches, which are placed at the top near the cover of the appliance for safety purposes, are also labeled in Braille.

The Prometheus Kitchen Appliance is a concept design by Luiz Otávio Abreu.

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