Pork Chop and Hambone Plush

Pork Chop Plush

If you haven’t had lunch yet, then I don’t think you should continue reading because you will absolutely and positively be drooling over the Pork Chop and Hambone Plush toys.

Unlike the Canned Haminal Plush however, this is pork without the face, so it won’t send you on the same guilt trip as the former would do. These plush toys will make a fine addition to wherever it is you’re thinking of placing them. Just don’t put them somewhere where your dogs can easily pounce on them, because it wouldn’t be a pretty sight when they’re done chewing on these plush toys.

Pork Chop Plush

Pork Chop Plush

Clever plush toy shaped like a hambone, one of the most delicious pork products there is. It’s pink, white and brown, a perfect replica of a delicious ham.
It’s spongy, soft, and very smooth. It can be used as a children’s toy, although it’s also ideal as a cushion to rest your head or feet on while watching TV.
It’s handmade and manufactured using 100% eco-friendly products: wool, fleece, and recycled dyes. The filling is made of synthetic fibers.
The hambone is made of plastic, and should be left out of reach of pets or children under 3 years old.

The Pork Chop Plush and Hambone Plush are available from Curiosite for $28.36 and $32.10, respectively.

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