Plotagon Movie-Making Software

Plotagon Movie-Making Software

Forget about the lights and camera because the Plotagon Movie-Making Software is all you need to make a little Hollywood action these days as you make your imagination come to virtual life.

With Plotagon, the main ingredient to film-making is the story, which is why the software is centered around writing. Just select your setting and characters, and start writing dialogue. You can even add actions, sound effects, and music. There’s no need to stress if you’re not a master of animation because you can write any dialogue you want and let the software automatically lip-sync and animate to the tone of voice the character is portraying.

Give the big boys in Hollywood a run for their money with the Plotagon Movie-Making Software (Beta Version) for $5 at


  1. Great to see a replacement for Xtranormal’s simple text-to-speech engine. I use Moviestorm, as it is simple to use, offers TTS and voice recording, and gives control over directing the actors and cameras, which gives me a better understanding of the pace of my script and how it could transfer to the screen – As Plotagon are trying to prove, making a film of your script is a great way to get attention.

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