Ojue Japanese Lunch Box

Ojue Bento Box

Summer means more dining al fresco under a blue sky. But you don’t want lunches packed in a lifeless, brown lunch bag or a plastic grocery bag. Lunch would look and taste better packed in the svelte Ojue Lunch Box.

If you’ve seen the Three-Tier Bento Lunch Box posted a while back, the Ojue Lunch Box has some similar logistical design elements to that of the Bento. The Ojue, like the Three-Tier Bento, comes with three containers that neatly stack on top of each other, so that you can have satisfying 3-course meals. Also, every square inch of the lunch box is used, thus eliminating the need to waste plastic baggies or dig for other plastic containers.

Ojue Japanese Lunch Box

But here’s the genius part: the narrow-bottomed Ojue containers stack vertically and fit upright in the lunch box, and stay upright in transit, so that the containers don’t get turned upside down. Therefore, you won’t have spills and leaks messing up your bag, ruining your other gadgets. Simple, smart, vertical design – once again from Japan.

Another great quality about the Ojue is that it is lightweight at 300 g or 0.7 lb and sleek, so that you can slide it into your briefcase, laptop bag or backpack. Some may even mistake this lunch box for an electronics case because of its techy styling. There even seems to be a nice loop on top that makes the lunch box easy to carry with a finger or attachable to something.

The lunch box comes in great colors to boot: black, white, brown, pink and light green. Also included are matching chopsticks with holders that all fit perfectly in the box. Or if you can’t quite cut it with chopsticks 100% of the time, you might have to bring along a pair of Fork Chops to get you through rough times.

The Ojue Lunch Box features:

  • Three stackable containers
  • Comes with matching chopsticks
  • Colors: white, black, brown, pink and light green
  • Weight: 300g
  • Materials: ABS resin (outer case), polypropylene (body), polyethylene (containers)
  • Instructions: Japanese only
  • Size: 160x 160.5 × 55mm (6.29 x 6.31 x 2.16″)
  • Upper: 140ml
  • Middle: 300ml
  • Lower: 300ml

The Ojue Lunch Box is $71, price includes shipping, at Japan Trend Shop.

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