Objects in Mirror Are Zombies Decals

Objects in Mirror Are Zombies Decals

It’s probably safe to assume you won’t forget how dangerous life has become when the dead suddenly start wandering around in search of human flesh to munch on, but the Objects in Mirror Are Zombies Decals will help insure you never let your guard down.

The scenario is just too easy to imagine: You’ve found a car with a half tank of gas, but you glance in the side view mirror just as you start to pull away and notice a guy running towards you with a horde of zombies hot on his tail. You can’t just leave the guy so you roll down your window and wave for him to pick up the pace. As he gets closer, you start to think something about his complexion is a little off, but then it’s too late. The zombie grabs you and takes a bite out of your arm. It’s only a matter of time before you join the undead army.

That scene would be totally different if there was a friendly reminder telling you that the objects in the mirror are zombies. Even if they’re not, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Objects in Mirror Are Zombies Decals

(2) 4″ X 1/2″ MIRROR DECALS can be applied to car mirrors, house mirrors, bathroom mirrors or any mirror you want !

You can get the two-pack of Objects in Mirror Are Zombies Decals for $4.99 at Amazon.com.

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