Lincoln The Emancipator T-Shirt

Lincoln The Emancipator T-Shirt

Four score and seven years ago, Honest Abe picked up an automatic rifle, climbed on top of his trusty grizzly bear, and rode around to kick all kinds of butt. At least that seems to be the story implied by the Lincoln The Emancipator T-Shirt.

Any guy that can ride a bear using nothing but a flag for a saddle gets my vote, and I’d vote for him to be president for life if he used a gun that hadn’t even been invented yet. Abraham Lincoln did many great things while he was in the White House, but just imagine how much more awesome he could have been if he rode around the nation on a bear.

Whether you’re a fan of the 16th President of the United States or bears, or just enjoy great art that features a president on a bear, you can get the Lincoln The Emancipator T-Shirt for $20 at The Mountain.

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