Novelty Ear Guards

Ear Guards

I watched this creepy, sci-fi movie late last night where mutant cockroaches would crawl up your back and creep into your ears to eat your brain. (No, I’m not kidding, people actually thought up scripts like these and other people actually coughed up the money to put it into production.) And even though the whole plot of the movie is downright crazy, I still found myself tossing and turning at night and covering my ears with ear muffs when I saw the shadow of a roach on my window.

Maybe that’s why some people decided to come up with these Novelty Ear Guards. These ear guards seal off your ears from the outside, so to speak, so that no creepy crawlies can crawl inside of it.

Novelty Ear Guards

Keep your ears safe from ear-spiders and earwigs with these protective Ear Guards! Just slip them over your ears before you go to bed at night and you’ll wake up revitalized, refreshed and ear-bug free! After all, ears are meant for hearing not housing! Two vinyl guards with snug-fit elastic on each illustrated card. One size fits all.

The Novelty Ear Guards are available at Amazon from $2.29.

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