Monopoly 80th Anniversary Edition Game

80th Anniversary Monopoly Edition Game

Has it been 80 years? Time sure flies when you are having fun and buying properties. This Monopoly 80th Anniversary Edition Game celebrates 80 years of property buying fun.

This edition features tokens from the 1930s all the way to the 2000s! It also has a retro gameboard and cards. It takes you back to when it all began. You will be buying, selling and negotiating to win at this 80th anniversary version of Monopoly!

It includes the gameboard, 8 tokens, 28 title deed cards, 16 Chance cards, 16 Community Chest cards, 32 houses, 12 hotels, 2 dice, 1 pack of Monopoly money, 2 dice and game guide. Only $24.99 from Entertainment Earth. Pre-order it for a January release. Also at

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  1. It’s the 80th anniversary of Parker Brother’s (Hasbro) Monopoly® but not the game. It just had a 110th anniversary!

    Originally invented by Lizzie Magie (Phillips) under the name The Landlord’s Game®, it took on it’s better known name between 1904 and 1909. If you are interested, a limited edition of the first published version from 1906 is being made available on pre-order through LandlordsGame.Info.

    Also out this week is a great new book on the history, The Monopolist by Mary Pilon. Mary is a staff writer for The New York Times and did five years of extensive research on the history. The book is available on Amazon.

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