Monopoly Electronic Banking

Monopoly Banking Board Game

Monopoly is one of our favorite board games here at GeekeAlerts, that’s why we’ve shown you the 11th Doctor Monopoly and Nightmare before Christmas Monopoly.  The one problem we always have, is that we always lose the money…or maybe someone is hoarding it, but that’s another story.  Either way,  Monopoly Electronic Banking solves that problem by using debit cards.  The Monopoly makers decided it was time to stop throwing all that cash around and use plastic like everyone in the real world does.

Monopoly Electronic Banking with Debit Cards

Monopoly Electronic Banking Features:

  • Updated Monopoly board
  • Debit cards replace paper money
  • New token designs

Monopoly Electronic Banking Includes:

  • Game board
  • Title deed cards
  • Chance and community chest cards
  • 6x debit cards
  • 2x dice
  • 6x tokens
  • 32x houses
  • 12x hotels
  • Instructions

You can purchase Monopoly Electronic Banking from Firebox for £29.99 with free delivery and at Amazon from $25.

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