Monopoly Nostalgia

Monopoly Nostalgia

Every Friday night was our family game night. My mom would break out the Monopoly board and my sisters and I would gather around to start a round of buying, selling, and building. Experience the classic tycoon game with Monopoly Nostalgia.

Monopoly Nostalgia is the re-issue of the game that carries with it a vintage and old world feel. You get the classic Monopoly board with all of the property cards and tokens packed in a wooden box for good measure. Give the game another go (and pass “Go!” again to collect your money!) and start your own game night with your family starting with this classic.

Monopoly Nostalgia

And this reissue of classic Monopoly is testament to that. Just take a few trips around the board and you’ll realize that even back in 1904when the game was invented, outrageous fortune, dumb luck, hostile takeovers and crippling bankruptcy were just as rife. Hurray for capitalism!

Monopoly Nostalgia includes the original (or as close as possible) board layout; and vintage Chance, Community Chest and Title Deed cards. The money has even been specially aged and the classic playing pieces are presented in cast bronze.

The Monopoly Nostalgia board game is available for pre-order from Firebox for £29.99 ($49.)

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